WiredTiger is rethinking data management for modern hardware with a focus on multi-core scalability and maximizing the value of every byte of RAM.

CPUs are no longer getting faster, and the cost of additional CPUs is approaching zero. Disk transfer speeds are relatively slower, compared to memory speeds, than a decade ago. Finally, power is the single biggest cost of the data center. For these reasons, WiredTiger is focused on more efficient use of I/O bandwidth, multiple CPUs and large memory in a single server.

WiredTiger Data Store is unmatched for high-throughput, big data applications. Only WiredTiger allows tables to be configured for write-optimized (row-store), read-optimized (column-store) or random-insert (log-structured merge) access patterns, as well as supporting hybrids of all three.

WiredTiger Data Store is available for download now under the GPLv3 Open Source and commercial licenses. Commercial support is also available.

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